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Welcome to Thorpe Technologies Inc

Thorpe Technologies Inc. provides engineering services throughout the world in leading metals processing facilities.
Providing the correct product for the customer is Thorpe's goal, we strive to provide the best products in the industry and have developed many systems to optimize process operations in recycling, forging and the aluminum industry.

Thorpe Technologies is based in San Dimas, California and has engineering facilities in Nevada, Alabama and Mexico. Thorpe's experience in dealing with large multi-million dollar projects provides a great wealth of history which in turn provides Thorpe a background and understanding that other companies cannot match.

With each project we undertake, we strive to develop a working relationship with our customers understanding their needs which has resulted in companies regularly turning to Thorpe soley based on their past experience.

Contact Information:

Corporate Office: 449 W. Allen Ave, Suite 119
                         San Dimas CA 91773
Engineering Office: Santa Ana, California

Electronic mail
     General Information:
[email protected]
     Sales: [email protected]
     Customer Support: [email protected]
     Webmaster: [email protected]

Materials Sales / Parts Department

We supply parts for all your industrail needs, from items we supplied with our Turn Key projects to a variety of other pieces of equipement throughout your company. We will supply a fabricated door to a complete burner system and right down to nuts and bolts. Generally if you can think of it, we can supply it. Our department will work closely with you to understand your needs, from the initial call to the confirmation of the items has been recieved.

Call our friendly staff:

(562) 903-8230 ask for "Parts Department"