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We have a wide range of Services:

Thorpe Technologies Inc is a supplier of a wide variety of custom thermal processing equipment, parts and services. Our work force has a combined 250 years of experience. We specialize in the aluminum, forging, heat-treating, and air pollution industries. We supply melters, holders, homogenizers, melt shop auxiliary equipment, delacquering, chip drying systems to the non-ferrous industry. In the steel industry we have multiple installations of rotary, strip annealing, and car bottom furnaces.  Other equipment includes Incineration and coke calcining.

Thorpe Technologies Inc has successful equipment installations in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Iceland, India, Japan, Mexico, Russia and Thailand.

We can offer services and expertise at very competitive prices in the following areas

  • Turnkey equipment design and installations.

  • System steel and mechanical installation, general maintenance, repair work and shutdown work.

  • Engineering consulting, process review and optimization, combustion / controls review, new project feasibility studies, budgeting, individual system review and modernization studies, clean air act compliance, environmental permitting, thermal efficiency audits, numeric modeling.

  • Combustion / controls tuning and retrofits.

  • System refurbishing including design and installation of proprietary door pre-cast systems, charging equipment, doors.

  • Skimming tools, troughs, pressure control dampers and plugging devices.

Materials Sales / Parts Department

We supply parts for all your industrail needs, from items we supplied with our Turn Key projects to a variety of other pieces of equipement throughout your company. We will supply a fabricated door to a complete burner system and right down to nuts and bolts. Generally if you can think of it, we can supply it. Our department will work closely with you to understand your needs, from the initial call to the confirmation of the items has been recieved.

Call our friendly staff:

(562) 903-8230 ask for "Parts Department"